About Klingel Carpenter Mortuary

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Klingel-Carpenter Mortuary is a familiar sight to Huntington families. Since its founding by Durward B. Klingel in 1928, the location has retained its original beauty and charm. The impressive brick architecture symbolizes the strength and stability of the Klingel-Carpenter tradition.

Stepping into this beautiful building on Sixth Avenue is, indeed, a bit like visiting the well-cared-for home of an old friend — for inside, families are immediately comforted by charming surroundings and warmhearted assistance. A spacious chapel area, lovely family rooms and comfortable arrangement offices feature handsome furnishings and antiques. Additional amenities provided by Klingel-Carpenter Mortuary include ample parking and handicapped accessibility.

 Always deeply involved in the community, the Carpenter family has been at the forefront of family service for three generations. With their community development endeavors, inspirational aftercare programs and beneficial preplanning assistance, the Carpenters and their staff have always taken pride in providing support for the services families need most.

Today, a third generation of Carpenters continues to uphold the Klingel-Carpenter commitment to excellence in funeral service and community involvement. For the Carpenter family and for the staff at Klingel-Carpenter Mortuary, serving families is more than just a business — it’s an opportunity to help people and make a difficult time just a little easier.